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Is your senior eligible for the GEORGIA MATCH program?

GEORGIA MATCH is a simple way for you to know where you are eligible for admission (to be admitted to college), based on your recent high school calculated HOPE grade point average (GPA). We want to make it easy for you to see where you could attend college in Georgia based on your current academic record and to apply to institutions you are most interested in attending! You will still need to submit an application, but that will be easy – keep reading to learn how! Your GEORGIA MATCH colleges are on your GAfutures Student Dashboard.

Note: GEORGIA MATCH works with public and private accredited high schools in Georgia.

DISCLAIMER: The colleges and universities listed on the student’s GEORGIA MATCH letter or Dashboard represent a provisional acceptance only and does not guarantee acceptance to a college or university or a specific major/program of study. An official admissions status is determined by the college or university using their admission criteria and the student’s final transcript and high school graduation status.

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